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Why should you buy $MUNI?

We would like to offer our players the best experience. That is why we are going to launch the Mirai Coin. It is a cryptocurrency based on the Binance technology that will give us a lot of flexibility inside the Mirai ecosystem. The marketplace and the game will share one common currency, making the Mirai Universe the perfect place to be focusing on collecting, trading and winning $MUNI while playing. We believe that $MUNI will help us to create a stronger community. All the 3D printed figurines and digital frames with Mirai will be available through the coin. Check the news section on the front page of the website for more information.

Total Supply - 500.000.000 Mirai Tokens

50% will be burned upon launching

Liquidity will be locked on DxSale

We will have a 10% tax per transaction:

2% will go towards marketing campaigns

3% will go towards liquidity pool

5% will go towards the development of the Mirai Universe

Since we want our project to be completely transparent, before launching we will have marketing/development wallets published on our website so that our community can watch every ongoing transaction that is being made from those. We are a long-term project and we aim for natural long-lasting growth.

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