Project Roadmap

March 2021

NFT collection

We have created our first characters, the first version of the Mirai Universe website, and looked forward to a partnership with OpenSea. Remember, we will only make 5000 Mirais in total so they will be very limited in the game. We will have drops of 100 Mirais every time they sold out.
1 March 2021


We will release a short video for you to visualize our vision about Mirai Universe much better. It will be like a short trailer of the game in the very early stages.
estimated 25 July 2021
August 2021


In 3 weeks we plan to launch our cryptocurrency which will stand in the economy of the game $MUNI holders will be able to vote on proposals relating to the Mirai ecosystem like new features on the Mirais, features in the game, and solve important problems in our metaverse. You can also receive a lot of gifts from holding it.
estimated 1 August 2021


The release of the whole game is a hard and timely process so because of that we plan to release a mini-game in order for you to play with your Mirais as soon as possible.
estimated Q4 2021
Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

New systems

We are also considering adding new systems and features to the initial vision. We want to help in making the initial characters valuable. At the moment the plan is to introduce a breeding system, players can use two Mirais to create a new one that they can sell on the marketplace or use in the game. This is not sure; we are waiting for you to give us your valuable feedback in order to find the best plan possible.
estimated Q4 2021


Mirai Merch! We plan to release a lot of merch from the Mirai Universe, this will include a large range of products including clothing and collectibles toys. We are also keen to hear from you, what would you want to see in our Mirai Merch.
estimated Q1 2022


We will organize contests with prizes in money or Mirais for you. There will be all sorts of contests, including the best-looking Mirai, the ugliest Mirai, and so on.
estimated Q1 2022

Mirai Estate

Before launching the actual game, players can start to buy Mirai Estate. We will place on the marketplace all the properties available in the game: shops, houses, castles, and all the other features that our community will like to have. We really embed the decentralized philosophy and want you to control and own a big part of the game.
estimated Q1 2022

Final destination

The final destination! Our vision is to create a complete metaverse of digital monsters, which allows millions of people to join the blockchain-based gaming world in an easy, creative and fun way.
estimated 2022

It will be an adventure multiplayer game, whose economy will be powered by the $MUNI token where you can discover the world together, fight various monsters, fight each other, play with your Mirai, and together with your friends. You will be able to create assets and sell them on the marketplace and even have your own business in the Mirai Universe. Trading, selling, and creating will be a big part of the game because we want to introduce as many financial education features as possible in order to help everybody.

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