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What is Mirai Universe?

Mirai Universe is the place where you can play and earn money at the same time. The project is based on NFTs (Non-fungible tokens ) and is the perfect combination of the latest technology and a story land. Our vision is to create a play-to-earn metaverse game where you can have a great time and win prizes that have value in the real world.

What are NFT's and why do we use them?

NFTs are the only way to create a digital asset that is unique and can be traded. Everything in the Mirai Universe will be an NFT, giving players the freedom to trade every element from the game ( like characters, items, or lands) whenever they feel that is the perfect time to make a transaction and move on.

Blockchain gaming (play to earn)

Blockchain technology brings new, endless possibilities to the gaming industry. It is one of the key moments in the history of gaming. By using blockchain and NFTs, gamers become investors. They have the possibility to own and trade assets that are collectible and may have a great value, ending up building an investment portfolio rather than a page with game skins or random items.

What about Mirai NFTs ?

There will be 5000 Mirais released for the game. All of them will be unique, with a personal genetic code, personality, and traits. Every time when a drop of 100 Mirais is sold out, a new 100 will be released until there will be 5000 of them. At every release, there will be some special Mirais coming up: The Mirais with the traits of the first Mirais ever created. 4 Mirais ( one for every body type ) will have a notable background. There will be a new background that will appear for every single drop. Action Mirais are Mirais that come with one action after the purchase. For example, Tim was the Twitch Action Mirai and after he was sold, the team donated over $700 to a random streamer on Twitch with a very little audience.

Why is buying Mirais an investment?

All of the Mirais that were released and will be released in the future will be the characters from the game and players will have a dedicated marketplace to trade them. The fact that Mirais are collectible NFTs gives them a lot of value to the investors. Having a Multiverse where gamers can play and increase Mirais value makes them a great investment for the future.

Functionality in the game

For now, you can buy Mirais from OpenSea -
Check our website at the How to buy section to get an in-depth description of the buying process -

Mystery box

One major feature of the Marketplace will be the Mystery boxes. If you think that you are lucky and you want to have the chance to win an expensive Mirai at a cheap price, this is the perfect occasion! All of the most valuable Mirais from every collection alongside all the unique Mirais will be available at these boxes and will be perfect to gain a great NFT or make a quick trade on the marketplace.


It is a cryptocurrency based on the Binance technology that will give us a lot of flexibility inside the Mirai ecosystem. It is a cryptocurrency based on the Binance technology that will give us a lot of flexibility inside the Mirai ecosystem. The marketplace and the game will share one common currency, making the Mirai Universe the perfect place to be focusing on collecting, trading, and winning $MUNI while playing. We believe that $MUNI will help us to create a stronger community

How to buy

Import $MUNI to PancakeSwap

Connect your MetaMask wallet to PancakeSwap by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right corner of the page

Now, you are ready to swap BNB into MUNI and to enter the Mirai Universe ecosystem!


We will have a 10% tax per transaction:

Check out our public wallets:

Marketing wallet address : 0xe8789307B93393464Fc63912600dE909DA62AA87

Development wallet address : 0x504075e4b7B0aE83a8Ef01f0F466235Ff543e8a0

*After the game is done, the 5% fee that goes to the development will become the reward for the players of Mirai Universe


The $MUNI coin was created to provide more flexibility inside the Mirai Universe ecosystem. For the same reason, the marketplace will be launched.

Having a Marketplace powered by MUNI and with all the elements from the Mirai Universe Metaverse is a huge advantage for the customer experience and future developments. The Marketplace provides to the players the possibility to trade every item from the game in minutes and to benefit from a platform made especially for them.

Every element present in the game will be an NFT. That means that players will be able to trade MiraiEstate ( the real estate of the Multiverse ), Mirais, Items, and all the other features that will be available.

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